Download these resources as a word document Cytopath online CE Resources

Johns Hopkins Online tutorial.  Image atlas and case studies. Interesting cases.  Online registration required. Radiology/Pathology correlation conferences (2)

CAP CAP Non GYN Cytopathology Program for up to 2 credits of CE.  4 cases with digitized (virtual or static) images.  You will need to create an account with CAP. (This activity is temporarily suspended from 3/13/09 to 3/23/09).  (Account and navigation instructions are in an email dated 2/12/09 from Carol).  Also 8 unknown Non Gyn cases are on the CAP site.

Papanicolaou Society atlas of  300 thyroid images designed to conform with the Bethesda System of Reporting Thyroid Cytopathology (under construction). Interesting case of the month back to 2002.  Also FNA video techniques.  (?works)


NCI Bethesda System Web Atlas atlas (77 images) of the 2001 BTS along with a self-test of 17 images.

vMIC Pathology microscopic slide seminars of interest:   September 2005: Decoy cells and August 2005:  Pushing the frontiers of Cytology which has 14+ virtual microscopy cases. Background to the virtual microscope web site and a link to their pathology material.

Cytopathnet resource for Cytopathology.  Registration required.

J.C. Prolla website Case of the month and an A-Z atlas of cytopathology images.

British Columbia Cancer Agency “Cyto Sleuth” quizzes in Gyn and Non Gyn Cytopathology developed by the BC Cytotechnology School.